D&I Series – Quincy McKnight, CEO at Covenant Pay | Episode 152

As we continue our deep dive into diversity and inclusion, we meet this week with Covenant Pay CEO Quincy McKnight. A fully registered ISO looking to “really change the payments industry,” one of the questions I have for Quincy is how he prioritizes something like diversity and inclusion in a small company that already has so many priorities when it comes to establishing growth and momentum within the industry? 

His answer? “Leadership reflects attitude. Whatever they’re putting out at the top will be what’s executed at the bottom.” According to Quincy, Covenant has a strong company culture that encourages diversity and rewards employees who aren’t afraid to bring ideas to the table. He will be the first to say that people are very different, in many different ways, and it’s these differences that make any company stronger if they allow them to. 

And from an industry perspective, he will be the first to admit that it’s very obvious diversity and inclusion are not being practiced as a priority within our ecosystem given the lack of female and minority leadership. 

“Sometimes it feels like a bunch of used car salesman running around. We need to get a handle on not only how to use the technology but how to nurture the relationships.” 

Another point he brings into consideration from the consumer perspective is the impression your leadership team is giving to the public. If there aren’t any representatives that look and talk like the diverse community members, they will be less likely to transact in your playing field, according to Quincy. 

Tune in this week as we continue our deep dive into D&I and get some good perspective from the only fully registered ISO that is completely minority owned. Hear how they do it and what makes it successful!