Ernest Rolfson, CEO and Founder at Finexio | Episode 155

For my guest this week, I have a one-time Disneyworld employee who was once recruited by Visa and MasterCard simultaneously. Finexio CEO and Founder Ernest Rolfson has a self-proclaimed passion for creating transparency around what he perceives to be a very opaque industry by teaching people about payments, software and all things that move money.

For those of you who may not know, Finexio is an accounts payable payments-as-a-service company that targets the middle market sector and provides partner solutions that enable a very prolific ecosystem. Their long-term goal is to empower large accounts payable, procurement and ERP software platforms with a white-label solution that provides a broader toolset and revenue stream when it comes to their payments offerings.

Being a solo founder before the tailwinds of the global pandemic escalated the drive towards digital, Ernest’s story is a fascinating one. He knew he had a winning concept when he did his research and found that there was still $12 trillion dollars in paper checks being processed through the US payments ecosystem. This broke down to $4 trillion for the small business market, $4 trillion for middle market, and $4 trillion for large enterprise. Given his background and expertise, Ernest decided to target the middle market sector and the rest, as they say, is history.

Finexio is very narrowly focused on payments optimization, execution and support on the backend and can deliver 10 different payment methods with a truly white-label approach. And they offer a very specific partner methodology that enables a turnkey go-to-market solution without a costly technology investment. Tune in this week to hear Ernest talk about his journey to fintech, including where he sees the industry 2-3 years from now as it relates to cryptocurrency, cross-border payments, and the fast-emerging trend towards being multi-rail.