Jean Francois Brissot

Jean-François Brissot is a creative thinker with 25 years of hands-on Fintech experience in international business environments designing, building, and implementing complex financial software solutions, both Cloud/SaaS-based and on premise.

In early 2020, Jean-François joined Rentmoola a multi-award-winning rental payment platform and one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in North America. As Chief Product Officer he oversees product innovation engineering and customer success.

Before Rentmoola, Jean-François has a strong track record in fast growing mid-market software companies. Driving product innovation and customer success and supporting their transformation into market leaders and even unicorns (Calypso Technology, Kyriba). Trained as a consultant with both Tier 1 (Deloitte) and niche consulting practices and Tech start-up co-founder.