Jonathan Arst, CEO of Pastri | Episode 31

This is episode 31 of the Leaders in Payments podcast featuring our special guest Jonathon Arst, the founder and CEO of Pastri. Pastri is a payments technology company that works with software companies and helps them to monetize the payments part of their software. They make it fast, simple and frictionless to accept payments. 

Pastri has signed approximately 5,500 business customers and 80 partners. Pastri started by partnering with banks but more recently has been working with software companies including unattended payments such as laundry mats, tow truck fleet management verticals and more. 

Jonathon has been a strong leader through the pandemic and has kept his team together and focused during these challenging times. Pastri was fortunate to be ready to work from home before the pandemic so the switch to work from home wasn’t burdensome on their employees, customers or partners. 

Jonathon was working in manufacturing right out of school but decided sales was a path he wanted to take moving forward. Ultimately, he got a job in sales in the payments space and fell in love with the industry… and sales. 

Jonathon’s mission from the very beginning was taking care of his customers. In 2008, he started with a partnership in banking and then in 2016 started to move towards providing payments for software companies. 

Some of his advice for those just starting in payments includes don’t let anything hold you back, don’t stop asking questions, have a thirst for knowledge, network, and if possible get a job in sales. Sales teaches you many skills needed for work and life success. 

On a personal note he loves the outdoors, sports, surfing, skiing, kiteboarding and more. He is currently working remotely in Hawaii.