Creator and Host – Greg Myers

In December of 2019 I reached out to 20 CEOs that I know from being in the payments industry for the last 15 years. I asked them if I created a podcast focused on C-level guests in the industry would they participate. Fourteen of them said “yes.”

At which point I said to myself – “well I better go do this now.” In January of 2020 I launched the first episode of the Leaders in Payments Podcast featuring Brian Goudie, the CEO of Aurora Payments.

I closed out 2020 with 53 episodes including two special series: Women Leaders in Payments month in July and Diversity & Inclusion (running Oct 2020 to Apr 2021.)

My payments career spans over 15 years including the position of VP of Marketing for both Chase Paymentech and First Data. I’ve also consulted with multiple payments organizations including several within the payment facilitator space.

I firmly believe that every executive has a story to share and podcasting is one of the best platforms available today.