David Josephs, CEO of Davinci Payments | Episode 35

This is episode 35 of the Leaders in Payments podcast and David Josephs, the CEO of daVinci Payments is our special guest this week. 

David lives just outside of Chicago, grew up in Queens and went to Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He worked on Capitol Hill for 6 years and has been in payments for 20 years.

daVinci Payments tries to do justice to their namesake by blending art and science and a quarter century of experience to provide corporate payments for companies, their customers and end users through virtual and physical means with prepaid cards and other form factors. 

Companies and segments they work with include marketing service providers that specialize in employee recognition, loyalty promotion and disbursements that replace checks, accounts payable, insurance sector, gig economy, apartment management, automotive, digital media and more. Basically, any company that wants or needs to make a payment to an individual or company. 

daVinci Payments really focuses on those moments of truth when the end user receives and uses the funds. For example, they have a product called the Brand Accelerator that provides a custom redemption experience when the end user claims their payment. This becomes a moment when brands can deliver marketing messages, video messages, invitation to join loyalty programs and more all wrapped around that payment experience. 

David has a passion for payments and loves reading on the personal level. Some of his favorite authors include John Barry, Tolkien, Barbara Kingsolver, Charles Dickens and more.

David’s advice for those just starting their careers in payments is to remember that the sky is the limit in payments and that payments touch everyone’s lives every day, so he suggests being open minded about potential jobs and companies. 

For more information visit: www.davincipayments.com