Meidad Sharon, CEO of ChargeAfter | Episode 54

Meidad Sharon, CEO of ChargeAfter is our special guest this week. This is episode 54 of the Leaders in Payments podcast and I’m your host Greg Myers

Meidad was born and grew up in Israel. He spent half of his time in Isreal and half in the U.S. and recently decided to make the U.S. his permanent home. He started his career in management consulting and then to the mobile industry and then to payments 10 years ago.

ChargeAfter is the market leading point of sale financing or buy now pay later platform enabling consumer to have the choice of which solution is best for them.

They serve markets with high average order value such as furniture electronics, luxury goods, and travel. They collect four datapoints from the consumer, and then match the consumer profile with the most relevant buy now pay later solution and only display or offer up those where the consumer will be approved. ChargeAfter has an approval rate of 85% which is higher than most single lenders which typically have a 30-40% approval rate.

They help the merchants because the merchant can integrate to one solution not multiple lenders – which gives the merchant’s customers a simple customer experience.   This is a great episode about point-of-sale financing or buy now pay later which is a growing segment of our industry.