Bill Lodes, Chief Revenue Officer at linked2pay | Episode 62

That was Bill Lodes, Chief Revenue Officer at Linked2Pay and he is our special guest this week. This is episode 61 of the Leaders in Payments podcast and I’m your host Greg Myers.

Bill was born in New York and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Bill learned the value of hard work at his dad’s own restaurant where he also learned the details of opening and operating a small business – from the pot sink to being a bartender to a line cook.  

Linked2Pay is a payment technology company that provides credit and debit card processing, ACH and payment integration tools to software partners as well as offers a white label payments platform to banks, channel partners and more.

One of the ways linked2Pay differentiators themselves is to really understand the pain points of their partners and their customers and then build the technology to help solve for these pain points.

Bill has some great insights into the future of payments based on the behavior changes of consumers.