Rodney Robinson, CEO & Co-Founder at TabaPay | Episode 86

Rodney Robinson, CEO and Co-founder of TabaPay is our special guest this week on episode 86 of the Leaders in Payments podcast.

Rodney grew up in Omaha Nebraska and has been in California for the last 40 years.

TabaPay was named after a Lord of the Rings book called There and Back Again or TABA and TabaPay is all about there and back again payments- they can both disburse money instantly as well as collect it back – a round trip payment.

They process 15 billion dollars in payments and have grown about 50% in the last year.

Rodney is driven by satisfying the customer. One of the main goals of the company is to make sure their customers are happy. He also has some great advice for those just starting their careers in fintech.