Ofir Tahor, CEO of Justt | Episode 136

How can a Master’s degree in computer science with a concentration in machine-learning algorithms secure you a CEO spot in Fintech? Well, the story is an interesting one.

 In this week’s podcast, I talk with Justt CEO Ofir Tahor about his journey through the payments industry. What does it look like to be driven by a professional passion to take complex problems and simplify them through technology and innovation? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

 An Israeli native who officially caught the startup bug back in 2005, Ofir enjoys the challenges that come with building something from the ground up and watching it manifest. He founded his first company in 2011 – an ecommerce solution for businesses to sell their products and services across the social networks, which at that time were green and growing rapidly.

 He later parlayed all his experience into a new business model that targets online business specifically and uses smart technology to create tailor-made solutions to successfully manage their chargebacks. And now, this startup venture has turned into a rapidly-growing company with the highest success rate in the industry and a portfolio that reads like the who’s who of payments.

 The company name is Justt and this comes from their drive to bring justice to the chargeback process and balance the scales for merchants when it comes to recovering their funds. And given the fact that Justt is able to tout a 60-80% success rate (from a 20-30% industry average), you can see how they can afford to promote a business model that only collects revenue when success is achieved and money is recovered.