Nick Baum, Co-Founder and CEO of Tremendous | Episode 185

My guest this week has a passion for payments and a genuine desire to create a product that others can benefit from. He will also be the first to say that he started a business based on the worst reason to ever start a business, but it worked out for him rather tremendously. Tremendous Cofounder and CEO Nick Baum spent three years punching the corporate time clock before he realized he was meant for something way more fun.

 For those of you who may not know, Tremendous is a payout platform that enables businesses to send money via prepaid cards and gift cards around the world. They make it tremendously simple for companies to pay people without jumping through the hoops of dealing with payroll or registering for undesired payment methods just to get their payout. They work with some of the largest brands out there including Google, Pinterest and Spotify and their most typical use cases revolve around employee recognition, user research incentives and marketing incentives.

 As for their competitive advantage, it revolves around their marketplace niche. They specifically target lower volume, non-recurring payouts and this makes them a standalone in the marketplace because they give so many payment options for these one-off use cases. Money is money and recipients will always want their incentives regardless of the dollar amount. However, it can become cumbersome to have to deal with payroll or alternative payment downloads just to collect a $20 incentive. Not anymore!

 Tune in this week to hear Nick talk about his journey to CEO, how his company actually started, and what he did as a startup that startup companies are absolutely never supposed to do.