Natasha Vernier, Co-Founder & CEO of Cable | Episode 312

Embark on a journey through the intricate world of financial compliance with Natasha Vernier, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cable, as she joins me, Greg Myers, on the Leaders in Payments podcast. Natasha takes center stage, weaving the story of Cable’s inception and its mission to equip compliance officers with a robust platform for pinpointing regulatory slips and control failures. The company’s unique SaaS model is not only redefining compliance monitoring but is also scaling to serve a variety of financial institutions, big and small. Together, we discuss Natasha’s impressive transformation from finance to the forefront of the fintech revolution. We also uncover the origins of Cable‘s distinctive name and its pivotal role in crafting agile, compliant financial services.
As we progress through the episode, the focus shifts to the transformative power of automation in compliance testing within the banking sector. Natasha likens automated banking controls to the essential dashboard alerts in a car, pointing out the need for similar advancements in financial services. The dialogue explores the intriguing concept of the ‘bank of Taylor Swift,’ suggesting a future where financial services are woven into consumer platforms that people already use and love, further emphasizing the role of technology in appealing to the tech-savvy Gen Z demographic.