Nick Fredrick, President of Rebar Technology | Episode 43

This is episode 43 of the Leaders in Payments podcast and Nick Fredrick, the President of Rebar Technology is our special guest this week. 

Nick grew up in north central Ohio and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He also had a few stints in LA and in New York. 

REBAR is an acronym for Recurring Billing and Revenue. They have built a platform that manages the subscription lifecycle for recurring b2c type merchants. They are completely cloud based and target the larger enterprise merchants that often need some form of customization. Rebar is an offshoot of a consulting firm called W Capra Consulting. 

Early in his career Nick was on the road in the music business specifically tour management. He then transitioned into finance and payments which led him to W Capra and then President of Rebar Technology. 

The modular way they have built their solution provides true differentiation in the subscription billing market.