Atif Siddiqi, CEO of Branch | Episode 45

This is episode 45 of the Leaders in Payments podcast and Atif Siddiqi, the CEO of Branch is our special guest this week. 

Atif grew up in Southern California and got his undergrad and MBA from USC and currently is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

Branch is a challenger bank that partners with employers to help Americans grow financially. They offer financial wellness tools to employees, fee free checking accounts, early access to earned wages, budgeting tools and more. They have 90 employees today. 

Branch works with companies like Dominoes to digitally distribute tips to the delivery drivers onto the Branch wallet so the drivers can get paid right after they make a delivery. 

One of the core themes at Branch is to eliminate or reduce as many fees as possible – the solution is free to employees and employers. They make a small fee when the debit card is used at a merchant. 

Atif is very passionate about payments and learning about the technology behind payments and specifically blockchain.