The Pulse of Payments – Shaun Abraham, CEO of Transaction Insights | Episode 64

Shaun Abraham, the CEO of Transaction Insights is our special guest this week. This is episode 64 of The Leaders in Payments special series called The Pulse of Payments.

Before co-founding Transaction Insights, Shaun held leadership positions in both JP Morgan and Bank of America, and has tremendous expertise in market intelligence. Today, his company helps businesses keep track of the payments space as well as find opportunities in it.

According to Shaun, one of the trends that is coming in our space is the rebundling of financial services, with companies looking to partner with and/or acquire businesses in order to expand their service offerings. 

Shaun also believes that the “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL) space has interesting things in store in 2021, and will continue to see growth. Managing it responsibly, however, may prove to be challenging moving forward.

Another hot trend, according to Shaun, is the shift toward payments in the cloud. With a partnership between Global Payments and Google Cloud having been recently announced, he believes that other similar partnerships are forthcoming. With the goals being speed to integrate, speed to market and flexibility to adapt and change, “future-proofing” your platform will continue to be a top-tier agenda item in the payments industry.

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