Bill Wade, CEO of | Episode 65

Bill Wade, the CEO of is our special guest this week and this is episode 65 of The Leaders in Payments podcast.

Bill grew up in Connecticut, and was a professional drummer before “hitting it big” in the payments industry. He was recruited by Marriott Corporation out of college, and spent a decade with them in the executive program before shifting into sales and mortgage banking, eventually making his way into the payments space. now provides resources and services to business owners. While not serving the payments industry exclusively, because of Bill’s previous decades of experience in payments, it has consistently been one of’s top priorities.

According to Bill, the single biggest differentiator for is their focus on the overall user experience. With several members of his team coming from a payments background, they have an in-depth understanding of the industry’s competitive nature, as well as the importance of differentiation.

A continuing payments trend, according to Bill, will be progressive advancements related to speed of transaction settlement, as well as increased opportunities for business with solid technology backgrounds that can effectively address the user experience.

Bill is tremendously appreciative of the team members he’s had over the years, and is excited about helping more companies find and take advantage of opportunities moving forward. His advice for newcomers: Be innovative, be scrappy and work hard.

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