Jay Dearborn, President of WEX Corporate Payments | Episode 67

This episode is the final entry in our special series on The Digital Payments Tipping Point. In this three-part series I’ve been talking with executives from WEX’s Corporate Payments division who partnered with the research team at The Economist over the summer of 2020 to look into the state of business-to-business payments in financial services, fintechs, and technology companies. The research found that companies that have grown most robustly during the pandemic are accelerating their evolution away from slow, manual, paper-based payments into secure, data-rich, real-time digital payments.

This 3-part series digs into the issues surrounding this rapid evolution in digital payments. Our first episode featured Greg Sassone, SVP of Business & Partner Growth at WEX Corporate Payments, and focused on whether banks should build, buy or partner when it comes to adopting new technology or innovation.

The second episode featured Dylan Jones, Vice president of operations for WEX Corporate Payments and Laura Shen, Director of Strategy for WEX Corporate Payments. This discussion focused on the interchange realities that the payments industry needs to face.

My special guest on this final episode in the series is WEX Corporate Payments President Jay Dearborn. Jay and I will be discussing the Shape of Payments to Come, and what might lie beyond the digital tipping point.

WEX is a global B2B Payments Technology Company. Their Corporate Payments division focuses on innovating digital payments solutions for financial institutions and fintechs as well as large corporations that need to modernize their AP processes.