Kevin Smith, CEO of Securebancard | Episode 69

Kevin Smith, the CEO of Securebancard is our special guest this week and this is episode 69 of the Leaders in Payments podcast.

Kevin grew up in a small town in east Texas and joined the Marine Corps right out of high school. After the Marines he joined a small ISO in Irvine, California before making his way to Atlanta Georgia that he now calls home. 

Securebancard has built its own in-house portfolio management platform. Their customers can customize statements, adjust billing schemas and create unique offerings in the market.

They have $22-23 million in annual revenue and process payments for roughly 3,500 merchants. They focus mainly on ecommerce but they really provide solutions based on their customers needs and their customers are typically other ISOs. 

According to Kevin one of the payment trends he sees in the next few years is the continued push for compliance and risk mitigation especially as real time payments becomes a standard way of doing business. 

Kevin has a passion for automating processes within his business and on the personal side he has a passion for cars. He also some great advice for those just joining our industry.

Kevin’s Direct Phone: (678) 261-7679