Dov Marmor, COO North America at Railsbank | Episode 74

Dov Marmor, the COO of North American at Railsbank is our special guest this week on episode 74 of the Leaders in Payments podcast.

Dov grew up in Miami, spent 13 or 14 years in New York and now lives in Las Angeles with his wife and 3 kids and dog Batman.  He got his undergraduate degree at University of Maryland and his masters at Cornell. 

Railsbank is a platform that allows any company to become its own fintech. The company has been around 4 years, is headquartered in the UK, has about 200+ customers on the platform and 3 million end users and is live on 3 continents.

Railsbank has gone to market in the U.S. with a credit card as a service model. There are four verticals within fintech that they target including, lending, neo-banks, investment and personal finance, and cryptocurrency. Outside of fintech their customers are major brands like large tech companies, large retailers, airlines – basically anyone that has a co-branded credit card today.   

One key differentiator for Railsbank is the fact they built their product from the ground up and all their APIs are country agnostic – so it really removes the headache of starting a credit card or a debit card in one country and then having to find another vendor to launch in another country.  

Dov is passionate about building tools that help other people innovate. Personally, he’s passionate about seeing his kids excel.