D&I SERIES – Kristy Richardson, CEO of USPAY Group | Episode 77

This episode is part of our special series focused on Diversity and Inclusion. In this series I will be talking with leaders in the payments industry (and maybe some experts from outside of the industry) about diversity and inclusion. It has been proven that a diverse workforce and diverse management team leads to increased creativity, better decision making, reduced employee turnover and increased profit – as well as many other benefits that we will be talking about.

This special series is brought to you by Wnet and Paysafe.

Wnet or Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions is celebrating 15 years of helping women achieve greater personal success, influence, and professional parity in the payments and fintech industries. Wnet is a not-for-profit organization with a mission of creating a stronger and more diverse industry by empowering and investing in women. Learn how at wnetonline.org.

Paysafe is a leading, global specialized payment provider. They’ve been driving innovation in and around payments for over 20 years all over the globe for both businesses and consumers. Paysafe believes Diversity and Inclusion is not just a checkbox, but rather a journey in which they are fully committed to being on around the world. Learn more at www.paysafe.com.

I’m honored to be joined on the eleventh episode of our special series on D&I by Kristy Richardson, the CEO of USPay Group.

Kristy has been with USPAY since its inception in 2005. In January of this year, she was named the CEO. Prior to being named the CEO, she was the Chief Operating Officer where her primary focus was on managing all aspects of the merchant boarding process, POS equipment programming and deployment, risk management and loss prevention, client services and merchant quality assurance and retention. Kristy previously served as Director of Corporate Services for Federated Payment Systems.

Kristy has over 15 years of concentrated experience overseeing company operations with concentrations in risk management, underwriting and client services. Her diverse experience and constant diligence to stay current on industry developments, makes her an invaluable asset to the USPAY Team.