Sean Feeney, CEO at Cantaloupe | Episode 90

Sean Feeney, the CEO of Cantaloupe is our special guest this week on episode 90 of the Leaders in Payments podcast.

Sean grew up in a small town in New York called Attica – which of course is famous for its maximum-security prison. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and served in the Army for 6 years mostly in Europe. He currently lives in Roswell, Georgia. 

Cantaloupe is the leading provider of solutions to the unattended retail space – for example vending machines, car washes, basically anything where there isn’t a retail clerk. They provide both the digital payments capability and the software that drives the logistics servicing of those locations. The company was started in the early 90s, will do approximately $160-170 million in sales this year and has 180 employees. 

Cantaloupe was formerly USA Technologies. They launched the new name and a complete new brand in April 2021.   

On the personal side Sean has a passion for his family and supports youth and high school activities and on the business side he is very passionate about building great leaders and helping them succeed.