Women Leaders in Payments – Monthly Recap | Episode 105

As we come to the end of July, we’re also coming to the end of the Women Leaders in Payments month sponsored by American Express. 

I’ve had 5 tremendous women leaders on the show, and they have provided some incredible advice and perspectives on women leadership in general and specifically related to payments.

In this episode I’m going to pull together the best of the best related to advice from our 5 guests. The podcasts were more than just advice though – I talked to each one of them about their unique journey and their unique perspectives about leadership and payments.

Each episode covers three themes. One, their personal and career journeys – so from childhood to high school to college to their first job as well as their payments career progression.

The second theme was a quick session where I asked 10 rapid fire questions like “what was your least favorite subject in high school or what is the most used app on your phone.” 

The third theme was really about them providing career guidance and advice and we’re going to focus on that in this episode. Some of my personal favorite quotes and I might be paraphrasing a little but they were: “I’m not a man in a skirt” “Be unapologetic,” “Be fearless and challenge yourself” and “Focus on action over perfection.”