Trent Sorbe, President and Founder of Central Payments | Episode 116

Trent Sorbe, President and Founder of Central Payments is our special guest this week on episode 116 of the Leaders in Payments podcast. 

Trent is a small-town Midwesterner. He grew up in Iowa, went to college in Iowa and have been in South Dakota for the last 20 or so years.  

Central Payments is the payments subsidiary of Central Bank of Kansas City. In 2013, the bank started to think about future growth and approached Trent to start Central Payments in 2014. 

Central Payments has two customers – traditional fintechs, and embedded finance – which are bigger companies that want to embed a financial product but don’t want to become financial services companies. 

Trent talks about the Open CP which is their API marketplace – where their customers can come in and get access to financial products. 

He also discusses Falls Fintech which is their early stage accelerator program.