Rob Lincolne, Founder and CEO of Paydock | Episode 122

Rob Lincolne, a self-proclaimed left-handed, homeschooled Tasmanian who currently moonlights as Founder and CEO of Paydock is our special guest this week on episode 122 of the Leaders in Payments podcast.

Growing up on an island off the coast of Australia in a family that traveled extensively, Rob has a widespread cultural background with global exposure. This coupled with his extensive industry experience has afforded him a rather unique perspective on people, progress and (most importantly) payments. 

Rob’s vision of a company that not only solved problems but provided value has gone through many iterations that have been (in his words) “rewarding, terrifying and exhilarating.” The most recent manifestation of this is Paydock. Founded in 2015, Paydock is a payments orchestration platform that helps medium and enterprise merchants simplify their increasingly complex payments stacks.

 According to Rob, there are four emerging trends in the payments ecosystem that are already impacting the marketplace and will require us to “future proof” our payments strategy for successful forward momentum.