Wil Lewis, Chief Diversity, Equity and Belonging Officer at Experian | Episode 125

A proud Chicago native with decades of experience driving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the payments space, and a heartfelt desire to “pour back into others some of the lessons his mentors taught him,” Will Lewis is a dynamic individual. He’s a Drake University graduate, the Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Officer at Experian and he is grateful for the opportunity to speak to you about one of his truest professional passions: financial inclusion.

When it comes to the percentage of the American population who are still un-and-under-banked, it truly is a wonder that we haven’t managed to cross this hurdle in today’s digitally dominated landscape. And this is why people like Will are so valuable to our industry.

With programs like Inclusion Forward: Experian Empowering Opportunities and Experian Boost, Will and his team are driving opportunities for individuals that are currently challenged with the limitations that come from being “credit invisible,” as he puts it. Through advocating on behalf of the consumer, these programs aim to give the cash-only consumers financial opportunities with a more comprehensive view of what could be considered “credit visibility.”

Wil speaks about all things financial inclusion, including the goals of these programs, what Experian is doing to promote financial inclusion and why it’s so important in today’s every-changing ecosystem.