Sam Graziano, CEO of Linear | Episode 132

Sam Graziano, CEO of Linear is our special guest on this episode, episode 132 of the Leaders in Payments Podcast. 

A New York native with a self-proclaimed passion for filling white space and challenging the status quo, Sam Graziano scratched his entrepreneurial itch all the way from the investment banking world to the fintech space, where he eventually became CEO of Linear – a digital account originating and lending infrastructure for small-to-medium-sized businesses. And his experience has left him full of insight and expertise.

Spoken in his own words, Linear provides “the technological plumbing that allows banks and other financial institutions to modernize the way they deliver conventional credit to the small business market.” And this includes real-time data, fraud decision making and credit analysis.

So, what differentiates them from the thousands of other lending companies out there? According to Sam, they go beyond just software to offer consultative insights that assist businesses in making better, faster and smarter decisions. 

When asked about his professional passion, Sam finds the most fulfillment in offering advancement for his loyal employees. He enjoys facilitating a space where people feel as though their efforts are genuinely appreciated. And as far as what he sees for the future of the lending sector, Sam predicts the competitive environment will only get stronger between banks and SaaS companies. Though, he feels that the ability for banks to digitize will give them the competitive edge they need to retain their small-business portfolios.