Casey Leloux, CEO of IntelliPay | Episode 131

Casey Leloux, the CEO of IntelliPay is our special guest this week on episode 131 of the Leaders in Payments Podcast.

A California native with an affinity for softball and a passion for selling solutions, Casey may have grown up shelling almonds and playing sports but his passion for sales took him down a very fascinating journey that led him straight to the top… eventually.

Now the CEO of IntelliPay, Casey came on with the company when it was just a government software platform that specialized in payments for taxes and municipalities. It was through Casey’s influence that the company branched out into other verticals and really formed their niche in fee-based processing.

Coined by Casey as a “white-glove, fee-management third-party processor,” IntelliPay specializes in fee-based offerings for businesses trying to receive bill payments. They offer multiple front-end solutions that enable customers to pay their bills and have a multitude of back-end configurations that ensure the payments move through the proper channels.

And they make it a point to “swim upstream on behalf of the merchant to offer an integrated solution.” So, how did he get to all this from selling Cutco knives? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

And, as part of this episode, you’ll also hear about Casey’s predictions for the future of our industry – including how software companies will eventually become the new merchant and how fee-based offerings will leverage success.