Chris Aguas, CEO of CoreChain| Episode 134

A self-proclaimed “technology entrepreneur and intrapreneur,” CoreChain CEO Chris Aguas is our special guest on this episode, episode 134 of the Leaders in Payments podcast.  

Chris has had a fascinating career in the payments industry. Originally from southern California, Chris graduated from Stanford Business School with a passion for driving change.

CoreChain is an embedded B2B payments network that facilitates B2B payments and supply-chain financing using enterprise-distributed ledger technology – which, as many of you may know, is the foundational component for blockchain.  

The only caveat? While blockchain technology facilitates the transaction capabilities necessary for Bitcoin, what CoreChain uses is a bit different. Bitcoin runs on permissionless blockchain – meaning no identifiers or validators are required. CoreChain, on the other hand, utilizes a permission-based network that requires both identification and validation of all players involved.

And according to Chris, this is the wave of the future in fintech.