Alexey Gavrilenya, Group President of North American Fuel Cards at Fleetcor | Episode 149

For someone who never thought he would end up in payments, Fleetcor Group President of North American Fuel Cards Alexey Gavrilenya sure has proven himself wrong. Having been with the company for more than 13 years, Alexey has overseen operations in Russia, London and now stateside in Atlanta. And he credits a lot of his success to his two passions: bringing the future forward and continually learning new things through a burning curiosity.

Fleetcor is an established player in the payments space, with more than 20 years in the ecosystem, and a market cap of $20 billion. As for their core offering, they “help businesses be more effective by providing them best-in-class payment tools,” according to Alexey. Their model caters to a two-sided marketplace in that they not only work with customers, but they also acquire merchants and drive revenue to their bottom line. Their global headcount is around 10,000 employees, with a US presence of 2-3,000.

When it comes to their competitive offering, one of the most important things they provide is competitive data analytics that enable significant value adds to their customers. Some examples of this include blending connected legal data with payment transactions to offer electrical payment solutions that allow customers to consciously impact their carbon footprint with carbon-neutral fleets. They can also authorize or decline in real-time based on location, use machine learning to provide credit lending options to SMBs and implement real-time fraud detection.

In fact, felt cards generate less than half of their revenue annually. Tune in to hear more about this dynamic company from one of their seasoned leaders, including a glimpse into the future of fintech as it relates to big tech, embedded finance and going beyond payments for legacy players.