Sandy Kemper, CEO at C2FO | Episode 172

My guest today is a self-proclaimed “black sheep recovering banker” who is still trying to figure out how to make the world a better place and save customers money on the cost of doing business. C2FO CEO Sandy Kemper is at the pinnacle of a fascinating career spanning decades in the payments space.

 For those of you who may not know, C2FO is it a decentralized financing platform that services approximately 1.3 million customers globally and across all verticals. Their mission is to provide low cost, convenient capital to everyone that needs it, and they are driven by a passion to help companies find ways to grow their business. In a nutshell, their platform matches accounts payable and accounts receivable transactors to allow those that have accounts payable to pay early or over an extended amount of time to ensure that nothing limits the flow of capital between suppliers and customers.

 One of the things I found this fascinating about this interview is the mind-blowing stats that Sandy provides. According to him, the total economic output of the world is around $240 trillion. And if you then assume that the average payment term on any given transaction is approximately 60 days, that’s $40 trillion of accounts payable or accounts receivable on the books of businesses around the world at any given time. And this gives you a Birdseye view of their global target market.

 Tune in to hear Sandy talk about his journey to CEO, including what the next 2-3 years offer as it relates to more transparency and reduced friction in payments and financing, the applicability of crypto and Blockchain in his particular industry, as well as the advantage C2FO offers to diverse business owners with their no-risk-assessment-needed business model.