Women Leaders in Payments – Lixia Zhu, Global Head of Product, Vynamic Payments at Diebold Nixdorf | Episode 174

As we continue our journey through honoring our women in payments leaders this month, my next guest is another exceptional individual that does nothing short of inspire. Her name is Lixia Zhu and she is the global head of product for Vynamic Payments at Diebold Nixdorf.

 For those of you who may not know Diebold Nixdorf is an innovation bank with more than 150 years processing, 22,000 employees and a portfolio that spans 130 countries. They are dominant in both the hardware and software niches, spanning everything from ATMs, POS systems and protective safes to software services for global, retail, and private sector clients. Vynamic Payments, specifically, caters to top tier 1 & 2 global financial institutions.

 Lixia’s role in this company is to define strategy for business and product, oversee daily execution, leverage strategic partnerships, and optimize the go-to-market strategy. As for her background, Lixia grew up in China as the youngest of four daughters during a time when boys were favored, and her country promoted a one child only preference in the home. She will understandably credit her parents as active sources of inspiration for her noteworthy career journey and untappable potential.

 Not only is she leading a dynamic department in a full-time role, she’s also currently in the process of completing her global executive MBA program. Tune in this week to hear Lixia talk about the importance of getting out of your comfort zone as it relates to growth and momentum, her guiding principles of being authentic, open minded, and eager to learn, as well as the one quality she thinks every woman leader should possess in order to be successful in this industry, where women executives are the minority at only 4%. 

Her story is truly inspiring and her drive is contagious!