Albert Saniger, CEO of Nate | Episode 180

My guest this week was born in Barcelona, moved to New York for love and started his entrepreneurial journey out of pure necessity. Nate Founder and CEO Albert Saniger will be the first to say that the only way he knows to create value is to create it from scratch. And that’s just what he did – on a journey that took him from T-shirts to payments in a niche market that targets 60% of the ecommerce population.

For those of you who may not know, Nate is a unified shopping wallet that allows you to share and shop your world without compromising your data. It exclusively targets the non-Amazon purchasing market by offering them the opportunity to aggregate all their purchases into one single app. They are retailer agnostic, and their philosophy is consumer first and consumer only. This means they don’t sell to retailers, nor do they make any money from them. And their target market equates to 60% of the US e-commerce population, or $1 trillion in annual purchasing potential.

As for their business model, it’s completely customer centric. Nate functions as a direct extension of the consumer in that all you have to do find the image of the product you desire on your phone, tap share, tap Nate and then tap buy. Nate will then purchase the order for you using a virtual card. Another bonus? Nate offers a social presence on their app that enables you to share your top picks with your friends and followers. And should someone purchase from your list, you’ll receive a 5% kickback into your Nate wallet just for having good taste.

Tune in this week and hear Albert talk about his journey to CEO, including what fuels his passions both personally and professionally, where he sees the industry going in the next 2-3 years and what it is specifically that makes Nate a “way” to shop versus just a “place” to shop.