Financial Inclusion: Summary Edition | Episode 193

On this episode we recap the entire month of October that was dedicated to Financial Inclusion. We had a great lineup including: 

·        Elena Whisler from The Clearing House

·        David Rocha from Prosperas

·        Ken Weber from Ripple

·        Reed Luhtanen and Gail Hildebrand from the Faster Payments Council

·        Jeanniey Walden from DailyPay

In our recap we cover topics including faster payments, earned wage access, a streamlined process to get credit and other programs that are helping to solve the global challenge around financial inclusion. 

David Rocha from Prosperas summed up the entire series this way, “Someone gave us a chance and that’s really what we’re trying to do for this broader community is give them a chance. And we know that if we do, they’ll take it. They’ll maximize it and we’ll all be better for it.”

We hope to bring awareness and visibility into at least some of the programs, companies and initiative that are helping to serve the global population of unbanked, underbanked and underserved. 

And a special thanks to The Clearing House for sponsoring Financial Inclusion month.