Vishal Dalal, CEO NA, EMEA & APAC for Pismo | Episode 243

My guest this week has his roots in India but has lived in just about every country you can possibly imagine, including Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and even Egypt. He’s an avid reader, trivia enthusiast, and spends his spare time evangelizing the gospel of cloud native code. Pismo CEO NA, EMEA & APAC Vishal Dalal is this week’s leader in payments.

For those of you who may not know, Pismo is a cloud-native platform. Vishal explains it like this: when anyone gets in touch with a bank via a card swipe, ATM, our Internet portal, there is a giant piece of software that does a plethora of work on the backend to check balances, process payment messages to other banks and verify accounting. Pismo makes that software and ensures that it works seamlessly, effectively, and nonstop without any interruptions – anywhere.

As for their competitive advantage, Vishal touts their ability to offer a multitude of products versus many of their competitors that play in only one space. They also target both the green and brown field market sectors (with most competitors targeting only green) and they operate solely in the public cloud. Another way to look at them? Think the Autobahn for financial infrastructure!

Tune in to hear Vishal talk about his journey to the role of CEO, including where he sees the industry going in the next 2 to 3 years including the limitless possibilities of AI. We also talk about the innumerable opportunities that come from cloud native code, enabling anyone with a bright idea and a credit card to do amazing things.