Before the Transaction Series: Chad Wallace, Global Head of Commercial Solutions at Mastercard | Episode 254

Get ready to unlock the future of B2B payments with our guest, Chad Wallace, Global Head of Commercial Solutions at Mastercard. With his expertise in consumer and corporate banking, Chad sheds light on the shift from traditional cash and checks to digital payments – a transition fueled by the pandemic, evolving consumer expectations, and the influx of new talent in finance roles. He also introduces us to the vast spectrum of products and services his team brings to the table, including commercial cards, virtual cards, and accounts payable products.

From Mastercard‘s partnership with emerging global Fintechs to building scalable, human-centered solutions, our conversation takes you through the dynamics of payments industry. Mastercard‘s collaboration with Fintechs not only builds solutions but also ideates and provides data necessary to reconcile books. Chad further underlines the importance of digital solutions and how data can be harnessed to maximize working capital, improve payment status and maintain an ISO-based framework.

As we look into the crystal ball, Chad paints a picture of the future of B2B payments marked by human-focused design, digitization, interconnectivity, and the growing use of AI. He elaborates on how Mastercard is leveraging these trends with their innovative “beyond card” strategy and embedded finance use cases. As we wrap up, Chad leaves us with his insights on security, value-added services, and the criticality of providing a consumer-grade experience for buyers and suppliers. Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion that redefines the future of B2B payments.