Before the Transaction Series: Scott Przybyla, VP of Global Channel Sales at Kount – An Equifax Company | Episode 257

Get ready for an exclusive ride into the intriguing world of online fraud prevention with Scott Przybyla, the Vice President of Global Channel Sales for Kount – an Equifax Company. This episode unravels the fascinating origins of Kount, its go-to-market strategy, and its evolution under the banner of Equifax. Understand Kount’s go-to market strategy consisting of direct and indirect sales, and the innovative white label channel strategy. Scott also walks through the history of fraud prevention and its evolution over the years.
Ever wondered about the intricacies of the fraud ecosystem and the critical roles of each player within it? Prepare for an exploration of the shifting fraud landscape, as we demystify the importance of personal security for consumers and the variety of threats that extend beyond mere payment fraud. We’ll also take a look into the future of fraud prevention. Discover how Kount, now under the wing of Equifax, is developing an end-to-end fraud and identity protection platform, combining physical and digital identity traits to create a more complete consumer identity profile. This is an exciting episode on fraud prevention you won’t want to miss!