Lamine Zarrad, CEO of StellarFi | Episode 259

Ever wonder how your routine bill payments could influence your credit score? Find out in our latest conversation with Lamine Zarrad, the innovative founder and CEO of StellarFi, a company revolutionizing credit-building. Lamine takes us through his unique journey from his immigrant roots to his experiences in the Marine Corps and the U.S. Treasury, all of which contributed to the inception of StellarFi. Discover how every bill you pay, from your cell phone to your Netflix subscription, can potentially enhance your credit score.

Lamine sheds light on why StellarFi‘s unconventional methods hold an edge over traditional approaches such as secured loans and credit cards. He offers invaluable insights into how various models used by credit bureaus impact your credit score. Wrapping up the conversation, Lamine paints a picture of his career in the FinTech and financial services sector, discussing his work with Tokken and Joust, and how it paved the way for StellarFi‘s creation. If you’re making your first steps in the FinTech or the financial services space, you wouldn’t want to miss his invaluable advice!