Lena Hackeloer, CEO/Founder of Brite Payments | Episode 265

Ever wondered how account-to-account payments are shaping the future of the European market? Brace yourself for an insightful conversation with Lena Hackeloer, the dynamic founder and CEO of Brite Payments. Lena unveils her extraordinary journey from the early days at Klarna to steering the helm at Brite Payments. She navigates us through the intricate workings of their system, demonstrating how it simplifies transactions by connecting consumers and banks across Europe, promising you an intriguing glimpse into the world of innovative payments.

As we steer into the second half of our discussion with Lena, we venture into the promising future of the payments industry. Lena predicts a revolution on the horizon with open banking payments replacing traditional card payments with their seamless operation. She shares valuable insights on the growth of embedded finance and how regulatory harmonization is fueling the adoption of open banking. Whether you’re an enthusiast curious about the future of payments or pondering a career move into this industry, this episode is your treasure trove of knowledge!