Dave Glaser, CEO of Dwolla | Episode 270

Prepare to revolutionize your understanding of account-to-account (A2A) payments with our special guest, Dave Glaser, CEO of Dwolla. Dave presents a fascinating insight into the company’s innovative approach towards A2A payments, including their strategic shift towards servicing mid-market and enterprise clients. We delve into Dwolla’s new product, Dwolla Connect, and how companies can leverage this technology while maintaining existing treasury relationships. Dave, with his wealth of experience in the payments and fintech industry, also shares his journey and his exciting career highlights involving Cybersource, WorldPay, and now, Dwolla.

We cast a broad net over the rapidly evolving fintech landscape, discussing how traditional payment methods are getting a major makeover. From the omnipresent ACH transactions and real-time payments to the rise and triumph of companies like Square and Stripe, we uncover the seismic shifts in the industry. We probe into the potential transition from credit cards to A2A transactions at retail and explore how these changes are enabling merchants to accept payments anytime, anywhere, via any device. Lastly, Dave shares valuable career advice and discusses the role of artificial intelligence in Dwolla‘s innovation strategy, bringing a holistic perspective to the conversation about the future of payments and the fintech industry as a whole.