Anytime Anywhere Payments: Jenny Cheng, VP & General Manager of Google Wallet | Episode 271

What if your digital wallet could do more than just hold cards? What if it could become a one-stop solution for your identification, boarding passes, concert tickets and more? That’s exactly what we’re exploring in our intriguing chat with Jenny Cheng, VP and GM of Google Wallets. We venture into the fascinating world of mobile wallets and digital payments, shedding light on how the pandemic has shifted our perspectives. Hear from Jenny about Google Wallet’s core mission of accessibility and the broader applications of mobile wallets, such as digital driver’s licenses, barcodes, QR codes and more. 

We learn more about Google Wallet’s security, its commitment to user’s data and payment credentials protection, and how it stands out from the crowd. Jenny Cheng shares her thoughts on the potential of the digital payments space over the next 5 to 7 years. We also delve into the collaborative aspect of this evolution, discussing the necessity to involve consumers, merchants, and the broader ecosystem in this transition. In summary the episodes highlighted the potential of mobile wallets beyond just payments and underscored the importance of security in this digital transition.