Anytime Anywhere Payments: Debbie Guerra, Chief Product Officer at ACI Worldwide | Episode 273

In this episode we’ll navigate the evolving landscape of Omnichannel Commerce. Join me and Debbie Guerra, Chief Product Officer of ACI Worldwide, as we decode the journey from traditional in-store experiences to the dynamic world of accepting diverse payment types across numerous channels (in-store, online and mobile.) We’ll dig into the crucial role that ACI Worldwide is playing in driving this change, and what the future might hold for Omnichannel Commerce. You’ll also gain insights into the concept of Anytime Anywhere Payments, as highlighted in the Be Solid campaign in partnership with NMI, and how it’s shaping consumer demands and retail trends.

As we dive deeper, we’ll explore the rising trend of digital fraud and the shift to real-time payments including how these trends are reshaping the face of Omnichannel Commerce? From the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in fraud detection to the impact of FedNow on real-time account-to-account payments, we’ll cover it all. You’ll walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how intelligent payments orchestration is empowering merchants with greater control over their payments infrastructure, making it easier to accept alternative payment methods, and facilitating smoother international expansion.