Ron Atzmon, Founder & Chairman of AU10TIX | Episode 289

In an era where digital identity and security are paramount, our latest podcast episode features a figure who has carved a niche in the identity intelligence domain. Ron Atzmon, the Founder and Chairman of AU10TIX, provides an in-depth look into the company’s strategies for combating fraud and ensuring compliance. His personal narrative, spanning from military service to tech entrepreneurship, paints a picture of a man whose career is as diverse as it is accomplished.

As AU10TIX evolved from its 2012 product launch to a Software as a Service (SaaS) frontrunner, it leveraged strategic meetings, swift decision-making, and a transition to cloud computing to drive growth. The importance of customer service and word-of-mouth recommendations has played a significant role in expanding the company’s reach. AU10TIX now enjoys the trust of tech titans like Google and PayPal, a testament to the company’s strategic vision and commitment to innovation.