Pulse of Payments: Swipe Right on SoftPOS: Unlocking Payment Freedom with Jason Stanchfield, Ingenico | Episode 298

Unlock the potential of SoftPOS technology with Jason Stanchfield from Ingenico, and ride the wave of the future in merchant payment solutions. Imagine the convenience of turning any NFC-enabled device into a secure, flexible payment terminal—this is the reality we discuss with Jason, whose unique background from the streets of Los Angeles to life in the Navy, and finally to the innovative realm of merchant services, brings us an unparalleled perspective on the evolution of payment systems. Learn how SoftPOS is revolutionizing transactions, offering businesses an adaptable and sleek way to handle sales with ease, while also delving into the seamless integration with existing POS systems.

This episode peels back the layers of SoftPOS‘s applications, demonstrating its utility in a diverse range of business environments, from the corner store to the most dynamic pop-up events. Jason walks us through the minimal training required for staff, the customization options available for branding, and the heightened security measures that set this platform apart. We scrutinize every angle, from the merchant’s initial selection process to the comprehensive sales tracking capabilities. Discover the transformative power of SoftPOS as we explore its role in meeting the ever-evolving demands of modern commerce with Jason’s expertise guiding us every step of the way.