Carey O’Connor Kolaja, CEO of Versapay | Episode 300

On our 300th episode, we have the privilege of hosting Carey O’Connor Kolaja, the CEO of Versapay, who illuminated the path toward a digital-first B2B payment landscape. The episode offers a comprehensive examination of how technology, specifically AI and ERP integration, is reinventing how businesses manage transactions and achieve financial efficiency.

Carey’s journey from PayPal and Citi to AU10TIX has bestowed her with invaluable insights into the evolution of financial inclusion and the indelible impact of technology on back-office operations. 

Carey and I muse over the generational shift that’s reshaping expectations—a world where our children’s innate digital fluency is only a microcosm of the hunger for seamless transactions. Together, we scrutinize how AI and ML are not only combating fraud but also empowering companies to leapfrog into the future with smarter, faster, and safer financial practices.

As the episode unfolds, Carey shares her vision for Versapay, focusing on solving genuine problems with a passion for building a more inclusive financial world and a future where financial decisions are autonomous, technology-driven, and secure.