Women Leaders in Payments: Kristy Duncan, Founder & CEO of Women in Payments | Episode 336

Have you ever felt the weight of imposter syndrome or the glass ceiling holding you back? Kristy Duncan, the inspiring founder and CEO of Women in Payments, shares her transformative journey from her early days on a small hobby farm outside Toronto to becoming a leader in the payments industry. This special edition of the Leaders in Payments podcast, celebrating Women Leaders in Payments Month, kicks off with a fun and personal rapid-fire round, giving you a glimpse into Kristy’s world beyond her career.

We then delve into the heart of Kristy’s professional evolution, discussing the significant barriers that women encounter in the workplace. Christy candidly addresses the challenges such as the sticky floor and crisis leadership roles and shares her invaluable strategies for overcoming these obstacles. Learn how mentorship, a robust professional network, and constant feedback have been her guiding principles for success. You’ll also hear about pivotal experiences and personal anecdotes that shaped her resilient mindset and career trajectory.

In the final segment, Kristy offers heartfelt reflections on the importance of mentorship and the inspiring role her daughters have played in her life. She emphasizes how mentorship and sponsorship can propel emerging leaders to new heights and recounts her own experiences with formal and informal mentoring. Kristy’s dedication to her career and her family’s encouragement provide a powerful narrative on balancing professional ambitions with personal life. This episode is packed with insights and encouragement for anyone looking to break barriers and empower women in their careers.