Women Leaders in Payments: Nino Maisuradze, COO of Ingenico NA | Episode 335

Prepare to be inspired by Nino Maisuradze, the Chief Operating Officer at Ingenico North America. Nino’s story is a compelling narrative of resilience, adaptability, and leadership that spans continents—from her roots in the country of Georgia to her current influential role in Atlanta, Georgia. With a diverse educational background in Germany and extensive experience in the payments industry, Nino brings a wealth of knowledge and unique insights that are both enlightening and motivating.

The episode begins by exploring Nino’s background, highlighting the significant cultural and educational experiences that have shaped her professional journey. Growing up in Georgia during a time of civil unrest, Nino learned the value of resilience and adaptability at a young age.

The conversation then shifts to the role of mentorship in empowering female leaders. Nino emphasizes the importance of normalizing the challenges that women face in leadership roles and the immense value that diversity and inclusion bring to organizations.

Nino’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and the importance of mentorship. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders, particularly women, to stand tall in the face of challenges and to continuously seek growth and improvement. The episode not only provides a wealth of knowledge about the payments industry but also offers practical advice on leadership, empowerment, and the significance of diversity and inclusion.