Before the Transaction Series: Anil Goyal, CEO of Corserv | Episode 251

Our special guest in this episode is Anil Goyal, the CEO of Corserv. Anil provides fascinating insights into the highly concentrated world of card issuing and explores how innovative technologies like APIs, B2B payments and virtual cards are reshaping the industry. Tune in as we journey with Anil, from his early days in New Delhi, India, to his pinnacle role at Corserv, and dissect what sets Corserv apart in the marketplace along the way.

The future of card issuing is here, and it’s more exciting than ever. Anil offers a forward-thinking view on the arrival of new entrants and explores how technology levels the playing field and makes launching card programs cost-effective. 

Then, we continue with a deep dive into the cutting-edge innovations fueling the digitization of payments, reducing payment friction and mitigating fraud. Join us as Anil reveals a thrilling future for the industry and offers predictions on the increasing role of virtual cards, mobile enablement and artificial intelligence in card issuing. Don’t miss this episode if you’re eager to update your knowledge on the rapidly evolving card-issuing landscape.