Nino Maisuradze

Nino Maisuradze, COO of Ingenico NA

Nino Maisuradze is a forward-thinking business leader with nearly two decades of experience at the intersection of finance and technology. Known for her transformative leadership, Nino combines strategic vision with operational excellence to drive revenue growth, build efficiency, and maximize profitability. As a multilingual executive with dual master’s degrees in economics and business law, she brings a diverse and global perspective to all conversations.

Before her role as COO, Nino served as CFO, where she developed a deep understanding of financial planning, analysis, and revenue management. Her leadership passion lies in elevating conversations and connecting the dots across the business to create an integrated and clear path for organizational success.

Nino believes her continued growth and success lie in building trust through transparency and honesty at all levels of the organization. She is intentional about engaging and energizing teams and customers, helping them see possibilities even in challenging situations. Colleagues value her ability to provide clear communication during crises and foster a hopeful outlook rooted in reality. Nino empowers teams through collaboration and collective problem-solving.

In her free time, Nino enjoys reading, drinking great tea, and spending quality time with her family. You can connect with Nino on LinkedIn at Nino Maisuradze.