Danny Shader, CEO of PayNearMe | Episode 38

This is episode 38 of the Leaders in Payments podcast and our special guest this week is Danny Shader the CEO of PayNearMe

Danny was born and currently lives in Palo Alto, California but in between he lived in New York and LA. 

PayNearMe is a payments CRM company that manages the customer financial interactions between a biller and their customer. They process all the payments, run the payments portal, the mobile experience, the IVR, the software the customer service reps use, and much much more. 

They process the cash too – through their proprietary cash network where they have integrated into the point of sale systems at 27,000 retail locations including CVS, 7-11, Family Dollar and others. A bar code is issued to the customer and then scanned by the clerk behind the counter and they pay their bill just as they would for a gallon of milk. And this is all done in real-time so before they even reach their car in the parking lot the bill has been paid.  

Their perfect customer is one that is managing recurring billing where they don’t want to custom code their own customer relationship management system or cobble together a solution of outside vendors. Ideal customers are those handling recurring billing through multiple channels and want to increase their payment volume, decrease their customer service calls and spend their engineering resources on things that will move their business forward. 

Danny provides some sounds advise for those starting their careers in fintech or payments. He suggests to find something you are very interested in, work with people you really like and work hard – do those things and you’ll do well. 

For more info about PayNearMe please visit their website by clicking here