Lenny Crotty, President of Metrics Global | Episode 39

This is episode 39 of the Leaders in Payments podcast and Lenny Crotty, the President of Metrics Global is our special guest this week. 

Lenny was born in a small town in Ireland called Ennis where the local airport has the claim to fame of having established the world’s first airport duty free store. Lenny was named President at Metrics Global at the end of August after spending the last 20 plus years in payments. 

Metrics Global is a global payments and fintech company that has been around about 15 years. They are headquartered in Las Vegas and have built a unified commerce and payments platform that connects both merchants and technology and payments partners to a global marketplace. 

They support international multi-currency acquiring in about 170 countries and currencies and have local acquiring capabilities in 59 markets. 

Lenny has a passion for payments and fintech and a personal passion for self-development, wine, travel, reading and running. 

For more information on Metrics Global visit www.metricsglobal.com